Nourishing Cream - Hempseed and Lemon Thyme - 100ml

Nourishing Cream - Hempseed and Lemon Thyme - 100ml


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Nourishing Cream soothes, deeply moisturizes and repairs the skin. It is a great benefit for sensitive and/or dry skins. It can be used for massage on body, face, hands and feet.

  • Benefits:

- Long lasting nutrition for the skin which is intensely hydrated

- A natural formula without essential oil

- It also can be used in night cream

- the skin regains suppleness and eliminates tightnesses

- Is used as massage cream on face, body, hands and feet

  • Ingredients keys:

- Organic Hempseed oil contained in this cream is of quality of exception. It composition confers excellent penetration and hydration properties . It restores immediately skin suupleness and softness. Its implementation within the formula improves considerably the ease of penetration of the cream.

- Organic Thyme water, adapted to any skin type, confers a tonic and light scent. Very soft, your skin is left very tonic.

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