Organic Multi-tasking Body Oil - Hempseed and Calendula - 100ml

Organic Multi-tasking Body Oil - Hempseed and Calendula - 100ml


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Hair & Body Oil is a organic vegetable mosaic used as a moisturizer after bathing or showering, as aftersun and as hair oil. It leaves the skin and the hair nourished and protected. It provides instant relief to dry, normal and/or sensitive skins.
  • Benefits

Organic hempseed oil with its specific composition allows the oil to quickly penetrate, to intensively moisturize the skin and assists the skin to regain suppleness and smoothness. It is a recommended moisturizing oil used to soothe dry and damaged skin.

Organic Calendula oil possesses antiseptic properties. It is exceptional to heal and soothe sensitive, dry, irritated and/or itching skin. it is especially beneficial  for calming sunburn.

Organic Carrot maceration oil is rich in carotene which helps in developing a natural tan and a radiant complexion. It prepares the skin for sun exposure and is an excellent after-sun.

Organic bergamot oil gives a generous tone of freshness. It possesses soothing properties and has a great affinity with the skin. This furocoumarins-free essential oil does not make the skin sensitive to sunlight.

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